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I’m a senior lecturer in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London, interested in how people make a place for themselves in and across places. What shapes, enables and limits these spatial practices? How do these practices intersect with other forms of power, control, histories to produce spaces? How do everyday spatial practices impact on a person’s sense of self?

My previous research projects have included ethnographic research with young homeless people in London and an examination of  the relationship between the middle classes and the city in Paris and London. I’m currently working on ‘The Choreography of Everyday Multiculture: Bowling together?’, a project funded through the ESRC Future Research Leaders scheme. This research examines the dynamics of contemporary leisure space in the context of changing discourses of what makes ‘good’ urban space and processes of urban change in London.

This blog is an attempt to pull together the work I do across different projects (and will no doubt also come to host musings on films, urban encounters and other things).

Before any of this I was a bass player, a record shop assistant and a cinema usher.

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